Friday, April 17, 2009

Public Letter-Writing Thursday (on Friday morning)

Dear youtube,

While I'm sure the "related videos" sidebar is intended to be helpful, could we please remove it from my account? K, thanks.

In the words of The BFS, "And thank you for the helpful spirit in which it was offered...." You're providing a service and I'm all for that. Someone misses last week's episode of Supernatural, wants to see a clip of a cat riding a Roomba but doesn't know the actual name, you are there with helpful hints and music videos of Jared Padelecki shirtless. Well done.

Not well done? Keeping my glued to the screen for hours as I continuously fill the autoplaylist with this

and this

and maaaaaybe a little of this

So, thanks youtube, for taking away hours of my life with your "helpful" tools.


P.S. My unfettered attraction/obsession with the omnisexual glory that is Adam Lambert has now been pretty much fixed. Thanks again youtube, for ruining me forever.