Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clooney's like a Chanel suit.

Do you ever have one of THOSE days?

Nothing drastic, per se. No floods, no famines, no plagues of locusts.....just a yick kinda day. A day when it drizzles but never really rains. A day when you crave Dr. Pepper but have devoted yourself to the Diet Lying Pepper. A day when you look like the loosing end of a prize fight.

I'm having one today. As previously stated my better half was quite ready to sever all ties due to my stunning lack of blog updates. Attempts to remedy that were thwarted by several things:

1. My computer continues to be a total BITCH. It currently takes somewhere in the realm of 40 years to load....well....anything.


2. I spent the better part of the afternoon at the doctor. Why, you ask?? Because I got head-butted by a two year old, resulting in 1.5 black eyes, a bruised nose and a hell of a headache. Prescription strength Tylenol and several ice packs later, my face still hurts/I look like I haven't slept in about three years but nothing is broken.....And here I was hoping the University might be paying for a nose job. Ah, the joys of working with children......

To answer your question......No, I can't fully wrap my head around the Battlestar Galactica finale. As with most shows, I was tardy to the shindig Just wow. Watching with the 'rents wasn't entirely conducive to the watching--mainly because Maman fails to respect the "A TV SERIES finale is on, thus talking in prohibited unless there's a commercial on" rule--so I'll have to re-watch/evaluate sometime this weekend and I'll get back to you. Though complete understanding will like require a thesauras, a complete Greek Mythology text, a concurrent live chat with an anthropology AND history PhD, and having Ronald D Moore on the phone, you'll get my level best. For those of you that watched, my condolences and a gift. For those of you that haven't, an incentive: First for the gents.....
Not only is her body admittedly slammin' --is that what the guys are saying these day?--she's a Cylon. And therefore badass and sorta prophetic. And her name's Caprica Six, which is pretty frakkin' sweet. Watch, you'll get it. And now a gift to the ladies--and myself:

Allow me to introduce you to my newest TV boyfriend, Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama. He's noble, smart, a great pilot, heir apparent to the entire Colonial fleet, and doesn't look bad in or out of that Viper uniform--see above. Plus, the angst of the Starbuck/Apollo relationship makes Meredith and McDreamy look like a schoolyard romance. Did I mention how good he looks in a towel?!? And his real life portrayer, the yummilicious Jamie Bamber, is British (le swoon) and playing the Elliot Stabler role in the new Law & Order: UK. He could call me if he wants.....I'm just saying.

Which leads me to She's obviously my, Sally, and Chicago Molly's soul sister, as she has an ENTIRE web site devoted to a "Boyfriend of the Week." Sometimes it's someone from a television show. Sometimes it's someone from a book. Sometimes it's a real live person, sometimes a totally amazing fictional character. Up to and including Bradley Whitford, Barack Obama, the entire cast of So You Think You Can Dance, Shakespeare the meerkat from Meerkat Manor, and Katee Sackhoff (yes, I realize Starbuck's a girl, it is all explained). See! See! Soul sister's, I tell you. And everyone gets rate on a MacGyver Factor, as he's the original boyfriend. Of course, if I had one it would be a Josh Lyman Scale, or at the very least a Doug Ross Factor.
Paging Dr. Ross......Please report to Molly. STAT.


sippee said...

There needs no other scale than a Josh Lyman/BW one. Maybe, just maybe a Darcy/Colin Firth one!

Nada Nada said...

Confession: I didn't read your post until just now because I saw the Caprica Six/Ultimate Hotness that is Lee Adama pictures and was worried that it contained spoilers. Because I'm only on the first season, as I am a big loser like that.

But I bit the bullet (because I am a good friend) and read it and am considering making towel-o-goodness my background. Also:


She is our soulmate.