Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Cancel all--undoubtedly amazing--Christmas/25th birthday present ideas--yes, Donya, even the gold-plated Obama commemorative coins.


My computer seems to be in a death spiral. Something akin to Paul Rubin's protracted demise in the Buffy movie. I don't know why. I don't know how. I only know this......me no likey. Doesn't Tosh Iba know I need her? For blogging? Facebook stalking? Blogging?!

This is unacceptable. And I deign that you, my vast readership--of like 6 people--pool the money you're saving on lower gas prices and buy me this.

The death watch on the computer was doing nothing to get my two psych papers written; so I high-tailed it to Gorgas to make use of the free computing. And there was some DUDE next to me watching....wait for it....Annie on youtube. Without headphones. In the middle of finals. Seriously?!

I....There are no words.


Can we talk for a second about Gossip Girl last night?! It's like when you watch Big Daddy--which is so NOT a crying movie--and you bawl your eyes out in the court room scene when DylanColeWhat'sHisName is screaming "But I wipe my own Ass!" Or it would be. If I'd ever done that, which I haven't.....shut up. Suffice it to say, I didn't think His Royal Hotness, one Chuck Bass, was capable of actual human tears. But when Blair went upstairs during the reception and.....the LOOK he gave her. It took everything I had not to liquify into the couch right then and there.*guh....

Oh, and I need to be here:

One bag, a bottle of red, and maybe a gentleman friend. Not too much to ask in this season of giving.......Why, yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause.


Anonymous said...

Well that's too damn bad cuz the coins are on the truck.

Rick said...

Which version of Annie? Albert Finney or Victor Garber?

VintageMagnolia said...

Albert. Which is no less disturbing. And we aren't talking the volume's turned down or anything. Full blast in the computer lab in the bottom floor of Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library.