Friday, December 12, 2008

"That's all you have to say?"

Children show us the immensity of love every day. Their capacity to feel empathy is boundless even in the darkest of times. None more so than when a beloved family member throws off this mortal coil and goes on......even when that family member is a goldfish named Lucky.

Now, Maya seems to be taking this loss in stride. I can only wonder if her feelings would be different if she knew the whole story. You see, the author is an avid watcher of both Law and Order and OZ. Over the course of this video Maya and her parents discuss the close "friendship" of Lucky and Marland and lament that Marland was always helping Lucky to eat.

These clues lead me to several conclusions:

1. Lucky's mental status BEFORE the death of Marland is questionable at best. Did he suffer from some form of goldfish eating disorder; or was he merely another tragic case of depression?

2. Is it possible that Lucky and Marland's friendship was less Chandler and Joey and a little more Beecher and Keller? I don't want to presuppose, but when the death of one leads to the death of can't help but wonder how invested these little fish hearts were.

3. The mother. She didn't "know" Lucky?! He lived in your house, lady! Ate your food! Loved your daughter like a sister?! And you can't muster grief enough to say a few words at his funeral. I'm just sayin' it wouldn't be out of the question to turn a little of the heat on over to "Momma".....if that's even her real name.

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Southern Girl said...

This was strangely evocative. Not of any gooey feelings on my part, 'cause you know that's not how I roll, but rather of that episode of The Cosby Show where Rudy buries her goldfish, Lamont. That episode rules at life.