Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Is Ace short for......Ace-eroni?"

My head feels like this.... I'm vegging on the couch with homemade spaghetti and mediocre television. Oh Idol, why can't I quit you? (Answer: Because you give me Osmonds and single moms named Megan who sing like Zooey Deschanel. Whom I love in all forms. She's funny as all get out in Failure to Launch. I covet her general style. And she's quirky. Love. Love. Love.) *runs off to download She&Him, Volume One.*

Watching Juno, I continue to be freaked out by the fact that Claudia Jean Cregg is a suburban nail technician housewife of Verne Schillinger. The absurdity of this can only be appreciated by someone who watched both The West Wing and OZ. Which is probably, me and Sally......and that's it. But the irony of the democratic White House Chief of Staff being the wife of the leader of the Oswald State Peniteniary's aryan gang is nothing if not hilarious. Especially when it's underscored by the bouncy lyrics of "I like boys with strong convictions and convicts with perfect diction." Not to mention "And I've never met a Toby that I didn't like." Which is beyond funny on both counts. Just me then? Ooooookay.

In the interest of spreading the wealth/love/good juju, see below things I'm loving, reading, generally coveting.

From the wonderland of Sephora:Liquid stain that makes 'those' days a thing of the past. Lips/cheeks. This does it all....and well.
The most fantabulous concealer set in the history of every. Lasts ALL day, no joke. The green covers up red. You can also get a purpl-y one that......does something equally fantastic, I'm sure. The brand is Make Up Forever. It is love....And speaking of love.

If only someone would return this to the Tuscaloosa Public Library, my life would be better.

This color green is the reason I wake up some mornings. Not to mention the cut and the fact that these boots are obviously a gift from the Lord.

The pictures here make me long, hopefully. And they are the happy.
The above-pictured wardrobe told me that it wants to live in my new house. I want to make this piece of furniture's dreams come true.

Loving this book, almost finished. And super-pumped because these two:

Will be starring as Julia (Child) and Julie (Powell), respectively in the the upcoming movie. My capacity to adore Amy Adams knows few bounds. Was a bit underwhelmed by the indie Junebug, but Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day is just what the reviews said, "A delightful champagne cocktail of a movie." And we all know how I love the bubbly....But not nearly as much as I love these two:

AKA The Greatest Niece and Nephew in Existence. Author's Note: Yes, those bows are as big as they appear. No, neither his eyes nor his hair have been photoshopped. They make me the happiest. Happier than the Bene Tint or the lovely French films or the fabulous green dress. They are pretty much my happy place, especially when she gives me snotty kisses or he grabs both my cheeks with doughnut hands to make sure I "look a' me" for some very important Mimi/Jack-Jack exchange.

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Southern Girl said...

A. Nope. I think that's funny, too. When Jason Bateman's character in Juno devolved into supreme assholery, I spent the rest of the film thinking about the way the other adults in the film all had the ability to mess him up hard--by verbally skewering his ass (or perhaps shoving a motherboard up it), by literally kicking his ass, or by...doing something else to his ass that I'm not comfortable mentioning on a public forum.

b. Those are my two fave pictures of the bebes. And I think I get the bodily fluids award since SHE threw up in my hand and HE grabbed my hand to use as a kleenex.

c. The benetint is on my cheeks even as we speak.