Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay, so I know I haven't written anything in eons. I know the 3 people who are reading this--whom I talk to on a regular basis, anyway--are....well, not disappointed at all. My blogging negligence can be summed up, thusly: The parentals moved houses the week of Christmas, turning my holidays into a sea of boxes, missed DirecTV appointments, hot plates, and well, no internet. I certainly managed to run up the cell bill checking my e-mail from my phone. *snatch* But actually sitting down to think out something witty or informative was not on the To Do, 'kay?

I think you'll survive.

Anywhoozle, spent my birthday weekend watching Alabama get the crap kicked out of them by Utah (!) A month later and I'm still not over that one. But said weekend was spent here:
So, not a total loss. It was my first trip, a Bourbon Street Virgin (ooohh, Bourbon St. Virgins? That's a good name for an all-girl punk band). Courtesy of the greatest sister ever.

Ate gumbo, laughed at drunks, shopped, saw old friends, wondered why I'd never been before, laughed at more drunks, watched a "football" game, ate beignets, and drove home.

Spent the big 2-5 with the fam, eating cheesecake and watching nonsense on the telly. This wasn't the plan for the evening, per se; but I've learned (thank you, E. Gilbert) that you have to make your own happiness, because sometimes people don't do what you want.....le sigh.
(And a story for another time and place.)

Received mad cash, THE cutest wipe-off board and an original piece by Jack-Jack from the Family, Jr.....think early Pollack meets Martha Stewart.

Getting back into the swing of work, finally. Planning a sweet ass panty party for my fave bride-to-be. And after having been told by several folks A) that I should be a party planner and B) that the nothing little things I've painted should be mass-marketed; I'm not fully off the idea of dropping it all and becoming a freelance......something. I've got the several book ideas, just need to strong-arm some artsy friend to illustrate. Need someone to throw together a schnazzy soiree? Gimme a ring, I guess. Never one to take a compliment well, these things always seem to throw me off kilter a bit. But, there you go.

It's weird when you hear something that surprises you utterly, something you weren't expecting. And how it's many facets changes your perception of so very many things. Inquire inside for more details.

Wow. That was....verbose. Even for me. And I've even recently been reminded of my tendency towards wordiness. Old dog? Meet New Trick. Have blog poised for publication, in which I enlighten you to all the things I've discovered/read/coveted over the past month. But you'll have to wait til the morrow, as this little chicken is in need of Rare Mimosa bubble bath and the last few chapters of P&P--yes, I'm rereading it for the zillionth time. Maybe this will be the time Darcy actually does leap, brooding from the pages and into my real life.....

You're right.....probably not.

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philyra said...

*sigh* Darcy... I swear, if I had a little girl (which I won't 'cause I no longer have the womb for it) I would seriously consider naming her Elizabeth.