Saturday, February 7, 2009

"When is your birthday?"

This is how the conversation started, innocently enough. But after years of chasing youngsters, I should've known better. I should've read the subtext, looked past the lead, and seen where this line of questioning was going.

Which was here:

R: (twirling an errant piece of my hair as we watch Oklahoma) "Molly, when is your birthday?"

Me: "January 3rd"

R: "And HOW old were you?"

Me: "25"

R: "Is that after 24?"

Me: (finally catching on, starts to fidget) "Well, yes."

R: "hmmmm........Don't you have a baby YET?!"

Me: "..............."

R: "Cause, Molly, you're 25. And that's like, almost a hundred."

I: (in her characteristic Etta James gruff) " IS pretty old."

R: "You should definitely get know, so that you can get a baby. And besides, your glasses are super cute AND you have the best hair."

Um, right. It's always good to have your life put into perspective by a five and six year old. They really should team up with Cars and Con, who are under the impression that I am "ready to get married" because I "am honest and have good judgment."

At least SK is on my side in all this. Her commentary on the end of Oklahoma.....
"Why does Laurie have to marry that Gurly boy? Why can't she and Annie just be cowboys too?"

Well said, Sassy. Well said.

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Nada Nada said...

Rodgers and Hammerstein have profound affects on small children.