Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My life is so odd.

The word verification thing-y for a comment over at The Other Molly's blog was "grana." What an excellent thing to call a grandmother. Me likey. It'll never be as good as when Jack-Jack wants something and intones "Myyyyy GiiiiGiiiii....."

Why do these things register with me? Especially when I should be studying for my test that's in an hour.
*head desk*

Pray for my continued position on this side of sanity....barely.

Still to do:
Take Edu. Psych. Test *thumbs optimistic*
Fix the broken brake light on my car. *thumbs down*
Pack for the beach. *thumbs up*
Go to bank. *thumbs way down-I is broke.*
Catch up on TiVo. *thumbs way up*
Decide what books to read over break. *thumb neutral--It's such a hard decision.*
Beat Auburn.
Solve world hunger.
Paint my nails.


Nada Nada said...

I love The Glass Castle, too!
It's a fabulous book. So is I Capture the Castle. Both of them have the word "castle" in the title, yet only the second one involves an actual castle. The other one is slight more that there is no castle at all.

That was my word.
I think it's some form of Slavic pancake. Made with beets.

Yeah...that sounds good.

VintageMagnolia said...

Beet pancakes?! That's like some cruel joke right? Who DOES that....besides the Slavs, obviously. I mean the Russians do some crazy-ass things with beets, but pancakes?

I wonder that IHOP hasn't cashed in on what is clearly a valuable market...