Monday, November 17, 2008

Why oh Why......

....does Anthropologie insist on making their web images flash players---or whatever the term is, I'm not known for the tech savvy, oddly enough. The zoom thing IS every so handy to see the ever-present embroidery/details that I love so about their clothes.....however, and it's a MAJOR however. It makes it very difficult, nay impossible, to save the images to the computer in an effort to make a handy-dandy scrapbook for the Christmas Elf herself (aka Janet). If you know how to acheive this Herculian feat, please, I beg of you. Instruct. Teach. Share your innate wisdom. My Christmas list and fashion sense shall be forever in your debt.


Matthew Muro said...

It may not be the easiest way, but you can always hit that dusty Print Screen button, paste into Photoshop or MS Paint, and crop as you see fit. If you are looking for that button on a laptop, you will have to hit the Fn key first.

Now, child, go forth and prove yourself.

Nada Nada said...

and and AND
It slows down your connection, too.
Or causes your bandwidth to exceed.
Or something.
I don't know what it's called, actually.
It just makes things go SLOWER. Which is not okay.