Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

A conversation at the Krispy Kreme:

Daddy leaves the table for more yummi-ness.

Jack-Jack: *leans in conspiratorially* My Gigi.....

Mom: What is it, Jack?

Jack-Jack: Sometimes......my Pop.....he says "Shoot." *shakes head*

If you only knew Jack-Jack. If, you only knew.

Author's Note: I'm guessing that the original revelation of Shoot-Gate made use of a certain other 4-letter word; and my brother found it necessary to inform the nephew that Pop was really saying "shoot."


Nada Nada said...

Can I have his hair?

VintageMagnolia said...

Believe me. Many have tried to achieve the wonder that is that hair, all have failed. Only Yahweh in his infinite highlighting wisdom can concoct that perfect combination of pumpkin and orange caution cone.

Southern Girl said...

A. If I stay in the sun too long, my hair starts turning that color.

B. That is an EXCELLENT "Bitch, PLEASE!" face the Jackster is rocking.